Android Programming Sessions

Have you an Android on your pocket but do you feel there’s no right app for you? Do you know how to program but never had the chance to dive deep into Android? Well, wait no more! This is the right course for you!

We will introduce the basic topics of Android programming and (finally) you will develop that application that you wanted so much!

You will learn how to use Android Studio – the official IDE for Android development – and due to its vast community, you will have the chance to develop an application that can be used by more than a billion users. Just image going out and see your work on another device? How great is that?

During this course, you will get in touch with the following topics: standard UI elements, activities, resources, UI layouts and lists of content.

In order to make it easier for you to start developing, we will provide an initial skeleton of the application so that you can just focus and dive right away.

We know that you will want to create the best application in the world, but please take in mind that this is a 6-sessions beginners course, so the applications should be kept as simple as possible.