A Multiplatform triathlon: Kotlin through Android, iOS and Web

For several years now, that we’ve been trying to find new solutions on how we could develop a single project and run it on all platforms. We’ve been seeing all types of solutions: some are web-based, others require you to learn a new language, and others even may require that you pay a monthly fee to use. It also comes with the drawback that all your UI depends on the framework implementation. So, if there’s a native update you’ll need to wait until someone rewrites the widgets for you to update your app.

Kotlin multiplatform gives us a new solution. It focuses on sharing your business logic across all platforms, leaving the UI to be implemented natively. Since it’s Kotlin, you can take full advantage of its language features - concise, safe, etc. Moreover, if you’re coming from android you might already be familiarised with Kotlin and even if you’re an iOS developer you’ll see that it’s quite similar to Swift.

Join me on this triathlon and let’s go through Android, iOS, and Web in under 45 minutes.

More information: DevFest Live