Reaching the first 30k views

Android Training Program (ATP) was initially launched in Portugal during 2018 as an in-person initiative. Aiming to promote Android app development among students in Portuguese universities and politecnicos, the team was planning the 2020 edition when all academic institutions went to working from home: all the in-person events were shut down.

Developers from everywhere started figuring out how to deal with the new situation, moving fast to the online world. For ATP there were no options: reinvent it under a new online perspective or cancel the program. Analyzing our strengths we realized: no experience in online programs, no experience in video production, no experience in learning programs lasting several weeks, no experience in online engagement and marketing digital; the decision was clear: we will try it. Only failure was guaranteed unless…

After several months of hard work, we’re proud to share with you a different story: we launched a 12 weeks program, covering from Android basics to machine learning for mobile applications, including Firebase and some discussion about new trends such as Flutter. We engaged not just with our past edition partners but also with new ones in Brazil and Portuguese Speaking countries in Africa i.e. Mozambique, Angola e Cape Verde.

We recorded more than 25 hours of content, with the support of developer advocates from Google and important community members from Portuguese ecosystem, creating a huge community of ~5000 participants (80% from Portugal, 15% from Brazil and 5% from Africa), with ~3000 subscriptions in Youtube, delivering +30000 views, and 2000 participants in our Discord channel. And you know what? all in Portugese.

Would you like to know more about our experience? Join us in our GDG Tech Session, Android Training Program 2020 Special edition.

More information: GDG Tech Sessions